Spell Casting

Below are the general rates for most spells. Since each situation is unique and many spells our custom created for you, pricing may vary depending on your unique circumstances.

Spell Consultation $50
 White Magic Spell   $400+
Black Magic Spell  $600+
Most spells with the intent to cause harm or negativity of any kind. Please note, we do not do death spells
Curse Removal       $500+
Negative Entity Removal
Regular Spirits $600 for up to 2; $800 for 3-5                                               
Hauntings/Demons $600 for up to 2; $1000 for 3-5
Partial Posession $500
Full Possession $1000
Poltergeists $2000 each
Witch Guidance
This is for already practicing Witches who need guidance with their spell work
Guidance Session
Custom Spell Writing

Custom Handmade Magickal Items (FREE SHIPPING)

Everything is completely customized and created specifically for a client and is one of a kind. All items come with a signed certificate of authenticity. Everything also comes with complete instructions on usage and commands.

Click here for more information or book a consultation for a quote.

Psychic Readings 

  Psychic Reading $150.00 30 Minutes
  Mediumship Reading $150 45 Minutes

Chakra Cleansing and Balancing

Concentrated Chakra Cleansing and Balancing $400.00
  Full Chakra Cleansing and Balancing $500.00

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