Spell Casting

Our witches will customize and cast spells for you, based on your goals, desires and needs. Below are only some examples of types of spells we do, however the sky is the limit to what we can do!

Love Spells

Reconciliation spell Forgive me spell Truth Spell
Fall in love spell Attraction spell
Unconditional love spell Erotic/sexual spell
Enter Mr/Mrs right spell Trust Spell

Beauty Magic

Reduce gray hair growth spell Slow aging spell Hair thickening
Reduce Acne spell Seduction spell  Weight loss spell
Reduce wrinkles spell Hair growth spell  Reduce hair growth
Healthy skin spell Slow balding spell  Flatter stomach

Revenge Spells

Illness spell Haunting spell Physical harm spell
Bad luck spell Balding spell Get them fired spell
Karma spell Lose everything spell Life of agony spell

Money Spells

Income increase spell Quick cash spell Debt free spell
Successful business spell Bring me customers spell General prosperity spell

Protection Spells

Home protection Spirit be gone spell Protection against enemy spell
Curse removal spell Curse reversal spell Protect my child spell
Removal of negativity spell  Stop Bullying spell

Healing Spells

Chakra balancing Chronic pain spell Happiness spell
Peace spell Migraine relief spell Removal of negative energy spell
Shamanic healing spell Remove depression spell Anti-anxiety spell

Lifestyle Spells

Get a promotion Get the house/car you want General good luck spell
Enchant others spell Attract good energy spell Make a court case go your way

Mind Spells

Weight loss Mind control spell Stop bad habit spell
Focus spell Self-empowerment spell Dream spell
Increase psychic awareness spell Make the right decision spell

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